Pregnant And Relocating? Here's What You'll Need To Know

Posted on: 23 August 2016

Moving from one apartment or home to another is no cakewalk, even under the best possible circumstances. For someone who's pregnant, however, the entire move takes on a new dimension of stress and worry. If you're planning on moving before you have your baby, there are a few things you'll want to know before you start packing.  

Moving Long Distance? Find a Doctor First

The first thing you should do as soon as possible, especially if you're moving cross-country, is look for a new obstetrician. Your current doctor should have a recommendation or two, plus you can find the best obstetricians using a variety of online sources and word-of-mouth.

Once you've found your new obstetrician, you'll want to give yourself a little time to become familiar with your new medical professional. Your new obstetrician will also want some time to look over your medical history and current medical needs.

Make Sure Your Baby's Belongings Come First

At the beginning of your move, you'll want to gather up, label, and pack all of your new baby's belongings before doing anything else. This way, you won't have to worry about leaving anything important at the last minute. Everything your baby needs will be packed up, labeled and ready to go when the time comes.

When you arrive at your new home, you'll want to decide where you want your baby's nursery to be. Afterwards, make your baby's furniture the first thing to be unloaded, unpacked and set up.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pros

Your body's already under the stress and strain of supporting your baby. Trying to move heavy furniture and moving boxes can easily exacerbate that stress, leading to complications that could negatively impact you and your baby's health. For starters, lifting heavy objects could put you at an increased risk for premature labor. You could also end up with a painful hernia, especially if you're not careful about how you lift an object.

You might be able to lift smaller, lighter objects during the first trimester of your pregnancy, but all bets are off afterwards. Instead, you should have a full-service moving company like A Best Movers Inc do all of your heavy lifting for you. The money spent on having your moving company move your heavy furniture and appliances around is well worth the peace of mind and safety.

Don't forget that you can also get a little extra muscle from family and friends. In some cases, you might even be able to save a little cash on moving expenses by having your loved ones pack and load for you.

Give Yourself Time Between Moves

It's no secret that moving can be a taxing experience both physically and emotionally, even for someone not carrying a baby. So it's important that you give yourself a small break after everything's packed up and ready to go and before you start traveling to your new home.

When you arrive at your new home, you might want to take a day or two to recharge and unwind. You should instruct your moving company or loved ones to unload the bedroom furniture and unpack bedding first, so you'll have somewhere to rest during the rest of the unpacking process. If need be, arrange for a hotel stay for a night or two so you won't have to worry about finding a comfortable bed.

Don't Forget to Network at Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, chances are you'll want to establish a new support system for you and your soon-to-be newborn. For instance, look for mothers' groups that are local to your new area. These groups can be helpful for re-establishing a network of new friends and playmates for your baby, as well as handy resources you can use as a new mom.