Organize And Pack An Extensive Collection Of Potted Plants, Trees, And Gardening Equipment

Posted on: 17 July 2017

If you own an extensive collection of potted plants, trees, and gardening equipment and would like to move all of the items to your new residence across town, the following tips will assist with carefully organizing and packing your possessions so that you can keep track of everything and not need to worry about items incurring damage while being transported.


  • watering can
  • water hose
  • tarp
  • shallow wooden crates
  • packing foam
  • waterproof containers with lids
  • notebook
  • adhesive labels
  • permanent marker

Water The Plants And Trees And Place Them In Shallow Crates

Shortly before you plan to move the plants and trees, use a water hose to fill a watering can with water. Add water to the base of each potted plant until the soil is moist. If you are going to be using your personal vehicle, such as a pickup truck, to move the potted items, lay a tarp across the bed of the truck before setting some shallow wooden crates on top of the tarp.

Carefully set the potted plants and trees inside of the crates. If there is space in between the potted items, stuff packing foam inside of the gaps so that the potted plants and trees remain stabilized while they are being transported. If you will be using a van or another vehicle with a top to move the potted items, refrain from placing them inside of the vehicle until just before you are ready to move everything.

Fill Containers With Miscellaneous Supplies

Purchase durable containers that are waterproof and that have lids that can be secured to them. Line the bottom of each container with packing materials. Set small gardening tools, seeds, bags of potting soil, and other gardening materials inside of the containers. Before adding more packing materials and closing the lids, write a list of the items that are being stored inside of the containers in a notebook so that you are aware of the location of specific materials.

Write a brief description of the contents of each container on self-adhesive labels. After adding packing materials to the containers to fill gaps, secure a lid on each one. Secure a label to the top of each lid that lists the contents. If you will be moving products that contain flammable ingredients, place them in a shallow crate and avoid leaving them inside of a vehicle for long lengths of time, since the inside of a vehicle can get hot quickly and the products could become a potential fire or explosion hazard it they are overheated.