5 Times Your Stuff Deserves Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Posted on: 14 August 2023

Self-storage is a lifesaver for many Americans. It provides a simple and secure way to store items you need to keep but don't necessarily need in the house. But do you need climate-controlled storage? Or is that overkill for your stuff? To help you find the right answer, here are a few situations when climate control is the smartest move.

1. Your Climate Is Harsh

Think about the weather in your area. Do you get sweltering heat, muggy summers, or snow in the winter? The less temperate your climate remains, the more you need to protect stored items from both wild temperature changes and humidity issues. 

2. The Storage Is Long Term

In general, the longer you need to have things unattended in storage, the more they need automatic protection. Climate-controlled units are a key part of this protection strategy. They are often indoors, meaning less likelihood of theft or accidental damage. And automated temperature and humidity management keeps things in better condition when you're not around. 

3. Items are Sensitive

What specific items need climate-controlled storage as a rule? The list can be long, and you may be surprised how many of your things are on it. Wood furniture can warp from heat and humidity. Electronics are damaged by moisture. Papers, documents, and books are highly susceptible to any moisture as well as expanding and contracting from temperature swings. Even musical instruments, cars, and clothing are all sensitive enough to warrant climate protection. 

4. Your Stuff Is an Investment

How much money are you putting in storage? This doesn't refer to actual cash. It means you should calculate the financial value of your belongings. The more you've invested in what's inside, the more it deserves the best protection possible. This is also the case if the investment is sentimental or through your hard work rather than just money. 

5. The Difference Isn't Much

In many cases, a climate-controlled storage space costs noticeably more than a standard unit. However, this isn't always the case. Don't assume you can't afford climate control before doing the math. As technology improves and more businesses open up, you may find the difference to be negligible. If so, always opt for better protection. 

Where to Start

Do your storage needs fit into one or more of these situations? Then a climate-controlled storage space should be on the top of your list. Learn more about the choices and facilities in your area by touring a self-storage location today. 

For more information on self-storage, contact a professional near you.